How can I have a user take a course a second time?

Once a user has taken and a completed a course once, sometimes you want them to to take it over.

So the question is, how do you make a Bright embedder show a 'new' course registration?

The problem is easy to solve if you understand how Bright embedders work. When Bright goes to display a page
with an embedded course, it looks to see if the user is already registered to the course.

If they are, the default behavior is to provide the user a launchbutton for the most recent registration.

Because of this, typically all is required is to create a new registration for the user. If there are most
than one registrations for a user on a particular course, the default Bright course launchers will show the
most recent one

This method is preferable to 'deleting' a registration, which means the loss of the complete prior history
of the learner with the course.

There are many ways to create registrations in Bright, but probably the most streamlined is to just invite
the user via the Bright Administration Console.

Alternately, registrations can be created via:

  • checking out products with attached courses.
  • via the Bright API
  • directly via SCORMCloud for SCORMCloud courses.