Bright For WordPress

  • Bright WooCommerce Integration

    Bright includes extensions for WooCommerce that allow SCORM Cloud-based courseware to be sold online, either to individual learners or in bulk via the Bright license key facility.
  • Bright Shortcodes

    In most implementations, Bright integrates with page rendering in WordPress through the use of WordPress shortcodes. Bright Shortcodes tightly integrate with Bright templates. A Bright Shortcode renders a specified template to the page. The shortcode is also used to parameterize and configure the rendering of the template.
  • Invitations

    Invitations are a function in Bright that allows for a group of learners to be associated with a group of courses. Invitations allow for an entire group of registrations to be managed as a single unit. License keys, in the WooCommerce integration, is built on top of the Bright invitation functionality.
  • Configuration

    Configuring the Bright Platform for Wordpress via the WordPress administration console.
  • LearnDash

    Details of the Bright Integration for LearnDash, a popular LMS plugin for WordPress.
  • Bright E-Learning Dashboard

    This plugin allows a Bright site to be organized as series of learning paths, with a learning path dashboard [catalog], and individual learning path pages featuring a stylized interface.