How Do I Get Started With Bright

Getting onboarded is not difficult. To buy, follow these steps:

  • Send email to, or just respond to anyone here at Aura Software you've been in touch with. You can use some catchy phrases like "yes i want to start the service", etc.

From there, it's fairly simple:

  • you will need to accept the Bright Terms and Conditions [you'll get an automated email for this].
  • if there are any additional work items [like customizations, etc], you'll be issued a statement of work to sign. This just includes anything we talked about, set down in writing, so everyone is on the same page.
  • you will be charged your first month's service fee [$75].

Once you've accepted the T&Cs, paid your rent, we will send you a plugin to install on your WordPress site, and a plugin that auto-configures your site [you enable it, and it will push in all the correct configuration data that you need]. This plugin is also a place for bright customizations to go, and we give you a plugin skeleton so you don't have to go figuring this part out yourself.

Once the Bright plugin is installed, you'll get automated updates through the regular WordPress plugin installer.

Some of the other things that you will receive are:

  • we will create a shared folder for our project in Google Drive, where we can share documents. Every project needs one of these!
  • your plugin skeleton has its own project in our hosted Gitlab instance, and we will create an account for you [or your staff] here. We include an issue tracker for you, so you can request support, create a wiki page, and otherwise manage your relationship with our development and support organization.
  • you will get a SCORMCloud realm, and administrator access.
  • you will get an administrator's login to the Bright web service, so that you can access certain functions that only live there.

Don't worry, all that is automated, so once we flip the switch, little robots scurry about and do all the setup. In actuality, you can be setup in a matter of minutes.

Don't forget: every Bright customer gets a free hour of labor, so with that you can have us install Bright in your environment.