Internationalization (i18n)

If you would like to have Bright render in a lang other than English, then you need to set your WordPress Language. This is done by changing the WPLANG in wp-config.php.

define('WPLANG', 'de-DE');

To test that there\'s a valid Bright language library loaded, check from your browser javascript console:

Your WPLANG setting must match a valid Bright language. After changing WPLANG, you may need to refresh the page and/or clear your cache.

If your language is not available, it is possible to add your own by editing bright.lang.js or by loading a separate JavaScript file after bright.lang.js containing something similar to the following:

Bright.lang['de'] = {
    'Launch course': 'Starten',
    'Launching course...': 'Kurs starten...',
    'Loading Bright!': 'Laden Bright!',
    'Retrieving launch URL...': 'Abrufen Start URL...',
    'Retrieving launch registration and URL ...': 'Abrufen Start URL...',
    'The maximum number of registrations for this account has been reached. ': 'Die maximale Anzahl der Anmeldungen für dieses Konto wurde erreicht.',
    'Completion': 'Status',
    'complete': 'abgeschlossen',
    'completed': 'abgeschlossen',
    'unknown': 'offen',
    'incomplete': 'in bearbeitung',
    'failed': 'nicht bestanden',
    'passed': 'bestanden',
    'Total Time': 'Gesamtzeit',
    'Attempts': 'Versuche',
    'Success': 'Erfolg',
    'Score': 'Testergebnis'

Bright.lang['de-DE'] =;  // use de-DE in WPLANG variable, for example

Access to the internationalizations functions are via the Bright.t() function:

Bright.t('Launching course...');