Managing User Profile Data Syncing to Bright Server

With Bright, you can write WordPress user meta information into the Bright database and permanently associate it with a user.

This feature is frequently used in conjunction with Bright reporting.

Using it very simple and involves listing the user meta field names here:


Just list the field names here.


When you modify the list above, to have all of your users instantly updated in the Bright database, please manually initiate a sync:



If you have a very large number of users in your WordPress site, and depending on your web server configuration, you may get a Timeout when initiating a full sync.

While not ideal, the following flags can help you recover from this:


Setting the "skip" option means you won't reprocess fields from today, and setting a limit can help gain insight into how the sync is progressing.

  1. Whenever they view a page.
  2. Whenever they edit their profile.
  3. After user registration.
  4. After an administrator edits their profile.

They don't. User metadata is associated in the bright database with the source website URL.

For the moment, contact us to expunge data previously synced. Removal via API calls is slated for a imminent future release.

Accessing User Profile Data From a Bright Template