report: brightLearningPathSummaryReport

This report can be used to show rolled up data for all courses.

[bright class="none" type="generic" template="bright_generic_report" name="brightCourseSummaryReport" pagesize="10" query_scope="bright" fields="10" headers="Course,# Regs,# Complete,% Complete,# Passed,% Passed,# Failed,% Failed,Avg Score, Avg Time(mins)"/]

Use path name to specify the learning path to report on.

Note, the path can be specified in the course custom data in either of the available models, like

{ "mypath": "1"}

or use the full learning path document:

  "learning_paths": {
     "mypath": "1"

Like all Bright Builtin Reports, this report is only available to users on the site who have Administrator access.