report: Response Summary

For courses that record SCORM interactions, the report will report the variation of responses for each interaction.

Important Information About This Report

The response summary report does not show % correct, %incorrect.

Rather, it shows what % of respondents included a specific answer.

So if you have a multiple choice question, the response summary will calculate the % of respondents that ever included a specific response.

Because of this, the total # of responses can exceed the total # of registrations, if the course/SCO allows for multiple responses to be submitted.

SCORM allows multiple course attempts, and this means the user may have submitted multiple responses to the same interaction. You can filter by either

  • all
  • last

All includes all responses, where last only includes the last response of the learner.

You can select

  • all
  • completed

Use completed to filter out responses where the course was not completed by the learner.

Registrations support a flexible JSON-based field called "custom", which allows a Bright implementor to define free form or custom data fields for any registration.

This report can be configured to roll-up its data based on an entry in the custom field form using the custom field text box.