Setting the Course ID for a Template

There are three way to set the course ID for a course template

For example:

 [bright template='template-name' course='course-id'/]
 [bright template='template-name'/]

Inside Bright, we make the following call:

$course_id = apply_filters('bright_course_id',
                           (isset($attr['course']) ? $attr['course'] : null), /* pass in the one from template shortcode if set */
                           array('attr' => $attr));

So you can define a filter called bright_course_id that will return the course ID. Note the $attr variable, this is the fields passed into the shortcode

You can pass in the course id via URL:

https://[my-url]/certificate/?bright_course_id=[any course id]

This is highly useful for things like generating certificate links.