template: bright-learning-path-certificate

You can use this to generate a certificate for a learning path.

It should correspond to the page defined by the learning path in the certificate="" attribute in the learning path shortcode.


Learning Path Certificate function identically, with the following exceptions:

  • the template name is bright-learning-path-certificate
  • the template type must be courselist
  • the template attributes accepts additional criteria like 'path=', 'model=', etc. as covered here: [template: bright-learning-path][8]

Your model MUST match the model used in the original learning path.

Bright includes a page template called "Bright Clean Page". We recommend using this for certificates as it removes much of the theme cruft that can interfere with rendering for display and print.

  1. Check that your type="courselist" is in your shortcode
  2. Check that your model="" matches that of your learning path.