Adding License Key Data to WooCommerce Order Received Page

It is important to communicate with the purchasing user that they've purchased a license key, and thus, we recommending adding informational message to the order details page.

The easiest way is to latch onto the woocommerce_order_items_table hook:


And thusly:

class MyBrightCustomizationClass {

  static function addOrderDetails($order) {
    return BrightWoocommerceIntegration::generateOrderDetails($order,array('report-page' => 'invitation-report'));
static function addOrderDetails($order) {
    return BrightWoocommerceIntegration::generateOrderDetails($order,array(
        'registration-page' => 'bright-registration',
        'report-page' => 'license-key-report',
        'add-license-key-page' => 'my-account/licenses'

You can then create a page with permalink of 'bright-registration' and use the following shortcode


For Above, create a page called 'Invitation Report', with url '/invitation-report' with the following page/post text:

[bright class="none" type="generic" template="invitation_results_matrix"/]

Note - we recommend a full width page template for this report.