GitLab Rationale

We strongly suggest that you not personally email

  • Support Requests
  • Customization Requests
  • other items that are requests for "work to be done"

to members of the Bright team, but use the Aura GitLab portal setup for your project.

Here's a brief overview of the rationale:

  • humans go on vacation, go on sick leave, or go to the hospital to have babies [yeah!], but support portals do not. Support portals live to work.
  • using the support portal isn't much different than using email. Once the issue is open, you can just reply to the issue. So it's just the first step that is different.
  • It can be problematic to "share" information that is in email. For one thing, issues can be "assigned" back in forth, but email has no owner.
  • One engineer cannot "search" the inbox of another engineer.
  • It is impossible to gain a holistic view of support issues active using email.

Basically, email doesn't scale and creates ongoing knowledge management issues.

We strongly encourage the use of your GitLab portal. It's your friend, pet it, be nice to it, and it just may save your/our bacon one day.