How can we create an order on behalf of a customer without actually funding it?

So one client wants to buy 20x courses from us. They tried to make the purchase from our page with Klarna [a payment gateway] but Klarna won’t let the customer make the purchase with an invoice.... How can we solve this in the best way? My thought was to log in to the customers account and apply an 100% discount code and make the purchase, and then make an invoice myself. But if I do like this, the customer will receive an email that says their purchase costed 0 kr. It’s not the whole world but it doesn’t look that good we think. Another option would be if we somehow could manually generate a license key and give to the customer, but I don’t know how to do this. But if we do this, the client won’t be able to see their “order” from their admin panel and access the link for follow ups on the course takers from there, right?

Two options:

You can checkout yourself for 20 licenses w/ the 100% coupon, and then just share the license key with the customer. They can be added as a reporting user via:

Editing Invitations from the Embeddable Admin Console

Only issue there is the order will not appear on their my account page.

This is completely transparent to the buyer:

WC Order Test