template: bright_woocommerce_purchased_products

This Bright shortcode can be used to show the user’s “matched” courseware.

  • their courseware for any order they’ve placed and completed
  • their courseware for any license key they’ve redeemed in their account.

By default, the display of the actual course is controlled by the product description for any matched order.

Starting in Bright 11.3.5, you can override this by adding a custom field to the product called “bright_mycourses_template”.

This field takes one of two values:

  • __EXCERPT__ : setting the field to this special variables causes the product short description to be used
  • Any other data in this field is rendered as is. Bright shortcodes and/or templates are permitted [as well as any other shortcodes active on your site].

This shortcode will respond to a Query Parameter “debug” that will display a table showing the orders and/or license keys that are included in the rendered courses.