Understanding The Checkout Process

The bright woocommerce integration bridge contains a method called


that manages all facets of the WooCommerce checkout, as it pertains to Bright.

This document covers

  • how and when this routine is called,
  • what it does,
  • how to check what it did,
  • and how to call it manually or otherwise force it to "run again".

By default, Bright's manageOrder routine will run when the order enters a processing state, which is when the payment has been successfully processed.

For simple orders, Bright will insure there's a valid launchable registration for the course linked to the product or products in the order.

ForLicense Key Orders, Bright will create a license key based on the linked course(s) and or Bright Metadata for the course.

Simple Orders

When processing a simple order, Bright will generate an order note that shows the registration it created [or re-used] to fulfill the order.

For example,


Note, you will get this message regardless of whether a new registration is created or an existing registration is re-used.

License Orders

License Orders will have an order note attached that looks like this:


If a license key already exists for this order, a message like the following will appear:


The first step is to remove the order custom field called


which will contain the current license ID of the order. After that, it will be possible to re-process the order using the "Manager Order Via Bright" action of the Order Actions.


If you attempt to reprocess the order but the existing license key exists, an order note note will be added with the text [for example]:

Re-using previously created license [license id].  Delete the order custom field bright_license will force Bright to create a new license when running Manage Order via Bright.

If you delete the bright_license from an order, this does not deactivate the license in Bright. To do that, mark the invitation [also know as a license] inactive via a Bright Administration Console.

To do this, the existing registration must be disabled or deleted. For more information on this, please contact Bright Support.

You can manually run the process at any time via an order action called "Manage Order Via Bright".


Errors in processing my result in an order note being added. Please check the order notes when troubleshooting your Bright-related orders.