WooCommerce Integration Templates

In this article we cover builtin templates for the Bright WooCommerce Integration plugin.

This template can be used to provide users with


[bright type="generic" template="license-key-widget" table_class="bright-shop-table" title="My Custom Title" tooltip="My Tooltip Text"/]

Shortcode Attributes:

  • Builtin attributes
  • table_class - specify a CSS class for the license key table.
  • title - override the 'My License Keys' title with custom text.
  • tooltip - override the default tooltip text with custom [can include HTML]. IMPORTANT - Your tooltip text is wrapped in a


p> paragraph tag and this is used in the backing CSS. So for proper function, do not include


p> tags in your tooltip.


add license key

Default Tooltip Text

<span style='display: block;'>Shown here are license keys for online courses that you have <strong>redeemed</strong> for your account.</span><span style='display: block;'></span>
<span style='display: block;'>Also shown are the courses you have been <strong>registered</strong> to as a result of redeeming this license key.</span><span style='display: block;'></span>
<span style='display: block;'>To <strong>launch</strong> your course, look for the course below in the sections titled <strong>My Course Registrations</strong></span><span style='display: block;'></span>
<span style='display: block;'>You can also redeem a new license key by submitting it via the <strong>Enter a new license key</strong> form and clicking <strong>SUBMIT</strong>.</span><span style='display: block;'></span>