WooCommerce Integration Worksheet

Note - your payment gateway must set the order into the processing state. For more information see

WooCommerce Order States

Order Diagram

Configuring The Bright Plugin

Uploading Courses To Apps Using SCORM Cloud

Linking a Bright Product

For simple all e-learning e-commerce sites, we offer a simplified method to remove extra checkout fields:

Using Simplified Checkout

Also check your admin console for warnings about your checkout configuration.

We recommend the following settings:

Stack Overflow

Go to the Bright WooCommerce Tools:

Select "Create Pages".

This will create a page for your users to land on, that will show their purchased Courses.

Please make sure you've already set up default Bright WooCommerce Pages

Go to the Bright WooCommerce Tools:


Deprecated: If you created pages above, this step is not required.

Show All Purchased Courses