LearnDash Integration Concept Guide

The LearnDash integration for Bright enables the following:

  • you can use a course hosted in SCORM Cloud, and connected to Bright, as your LearnDash content.
  • you can configure your LearnDash lesson or topic to be "linked" to the completion of this SCORM Cloud course, so as opposed to the learner marking themselves complete, they are marked complete when they've met the completion criteria of the SCORM package itself.
  • if you are using the BuddyBoss theme, we attempt to set lesson/topic completion before the course menu renders, so as to make sure a SCORM Cloud completion is shown on the next page request.

Linking your lesson or topic to a Bright/SCORM Cloud Course is identical to linking a WooCommerce product, as described here:

Linking a Product

Controlling how your course or courses appears in the LearnDash lesson or topic is identical to the method described here:

Adding A Bright Template to a WordPress Page or Post

Please note that embedding the course is different then linking the course. That's something that may change at some point in the future.

It does mean that you can link a lesson to each of the SCORM Cloud courses of all the child topics, with no visual elements, and thereby automatically complete the lesson when
all the SCORM Cloud courses related to the topics are completed.

When you are using a Bright/SCORM Cloud course as LearnDash Lesson or Topic, it's normal to want to remove the "Mark Complete" button and let the SCORM status determine completion.

Currently, the only way to do this is via page CSS. Use Chrome Developers tools to copy the CSS selector of your button, and then add the following to your page content.

<style type="text/css">
#learndash-page-content > div > div > div.learndash_content_wrap > div.ld-content-actions > div > form {
    display: none;

Note the actual selector path may change depending on your site theme.

Please see this document for more information on the LearnDash data model.

Things that will be added shortly.

Pass/Fail as Completion Criteria

The ability to mark a LearnDash lesson or topic complete if the SCORM course is "passed", as opposed to just completed.

Single Step Linking

Currently, there's a two step process to set up a typically LearnDash learning element:

  • linking the course(s)
  • inserting the visualization template [the launcher]

This may be condensed at a future date.