Registration Explorer

This is available at

https://[bright server url]/registrations

or from the top menu:


Open the search dialog to search for a registration based on learner’s email address, course name, registration ID [GUID]. etc.


Search for your registration, then click edit.

Then marked the registration deleted and click save.

Note: soft delete removes the registration from the Bright API, but the registration data remains. It CAN be undone.

If for any reason, you want Bright to recrawl the registration from SCORMCloud, you can do so as follows:

You can “hard delete” a registration with this function. It cannot be undone.


When viewing a registration, for SCORMCloud registrations you can click thru to the associated SCORMCloud registration or course pages, respectively.


For XAPI, there is a separate registration ID independent of the SCORMCloud registration ID. Normally this is only available via the SCORMCloud API, but we surface it in the Bright back-end.

It is convenient to have the XAPI registration ID, as it can be used for targeted queries to an LRS that collects XAPI statements for the course for this SCORMCloud registration.

Steps to get your XAPI Registration ID.

  • Search for your registration in question, as above.
  • Click “Show”:

  • Look near the bottom for the XAPI registration ID:

When click show, a panel is expanded. At the bottom of the panel is:

Note, this is not the bottom of the screen, it is the panel expanded when you click “Show”.

First search for a registration and then click “edit”.

You can then set or modify various SCORM related fields, in the Bright system.

Some important things to bear in mind:

  • this modifies the data only in Bright, so reports in SCORMCloud are not affected.
  • you MUST set the record to “ignore”, so that Bright will never attempt to update the record from SCORMCloud again.
  • Don’t forget to update!

Why is this useful?

The most common scenario to use this is to resolve issues in course playback, such as a course not reporting results correctly or the registration getting itself “stuck”. It can be very useful to be able to advance a stuck user by setting the registration status to “complete”, “passed”, or by modifying their score to match the raw interaction data in the registration itself.

Bright Server Console: Getting Registered and Logging In