Managing Course Content with External Linking

By default SCORM Cloud courses will launch in a popup. It is possible to run a SCORM Cloud course in a frameset, although depending on your course production tool this can be more or less work. Please see

For more information.

The issue with external linking [such as HTML anchor tags with the target="" attribute set] is the learner can "lose" their course popup, leading them to return to the launch site and launch the course again. That is definitely sub-optimal, and can also lead to strange anomolies in the recorded data.

Removing the popup definitely helps, as it is much more likely that the learner will find their way back to the course, but isn't a foolproof strategy.

A good strategy to implement is to not use external linking in SCORM Cloud based courses.

Our recommendation is to add the external linking from the course launch website itself.

This is easy if your course is embeded on a regular old webpage. If you are using a WordPress e-commerce based site to launch your course, have a look at

For information on how to control how your course appears in the "My Courses" section of your website.