Using Course Properties To Change How Completion and Success Are Determined

This is an experimental feature that we developed for the Articulate Rise content production tool. In our testing, some publishing settings with Rise [where a quiz is included and completion is based on whether the quiz is passed] lead to registrations going “incomplete” or “unknown”, even if the quiz is passed and success is posted as “passed”.

We’ve built some compatibility logic into Bright to help work around this issue. Note, this may not work on other course production tools.

First find your course in the course metadata editor in Bright, and then add a custom field called:


For occasions where you have rogue courses that don’t update their “passed” status, but you WANT or NEED the course passed in Bright, you can set a custom course property in your Bright metadata:


The field name is “completion_means_success”.

With that set, every time a registration is updated for this course, if the registration is marked ‘complete’, it will be ‘passed’ as well.

Note, this may not fix existing registrations that were updated BEFORE the change. But no worry, our awesome support will fix that for you in a jiffy.

Under the covers, this is a “after_crawl” registration hook compiled into Bright server. There’s LOTS of things you can do with hooks….

Got “custom” work you need to do to your registrations every time they are changed [aka launched]? Ask us, we do that.